My name is Yolanda Varela Iglesias, or what is the same, YIV. I was born in Madrid and I am the daughter of gallegos, and I led to Venezuela in my heart. This cultural mix has been for me a great personal wealth, a global vision and a deep learning.

Throughout my life I have worked and developed areas, but is in this space-time in which I could convert my passion into a brand with its own style. In it I merge in a very personal way the love for nature, creativity and photography, projecting a feeling in each design.
Since childhood I have been familiar with the sewing, my mother loved sewing, make arrangements and to design us a garment Since then they became many things related to threads and photography, but it was in 2007 when I printed my first t-shirt to match with a small bag that combined with my favorite jeans, and so almost without knowing it, gradually began to be born what is now YIV.
None of this would be possible without the support and complicity of my husband, Daniel, who is vital part of in this process, and thanks to which all my ideas are embodied in the fabric, is how we got a team and thus this family business.I also include our two daughters, they are a source of inspiration, and make every day even more sense if possible. My parents, part of who I am and teach me the meaning of goodness, honesty and work.

Thanks to all who directly or indirectly have made this dream it is possible.  


YIV is a Spanish brand born in 2013 as a result of the passion for nature, creativity and photography, and intended to reflect a way of life in each of his creations. YIV in beauty, simplicity and imagination merged in an unmistakable original way.
Their designs are part of a personal collection, where each image becomes in a story to be understood. YIV is the reflection of his roots, travel and experiences, how to view, interpret, and connect with the world.
YIV essence goes beyond the trendy and seasons, it is transmitted and thrill.
A perfect brand is for those who love unique things and timeless, with a wide and creative vision, personality and authentic style, great sensitivity and commitment to everything that surrounds it.
YIV is constantly development and working every day to expand its philosophy in a way global without losing the essence that characterizes its. 


YIV has his studio in Galicia, where the authentic concept "handmade" in Spain makes it possible.
From a place far away from the stress, our study merges technology, nature and tradition, which makes it in a creative and inspiring space.

All YIV items are created through a process concerns with first quality materials. Each item is special, was created from scratch and they may have a minimal difference, which makes them unique.

We have specialized in textile printing machinery, that allows us to enjoy and assess each step of our designs, and thanks to this we can also offer the possibility of personalised service and special collaborations through YIV & YOU.

Directly and indirectly we offer sustainable opportunities to small craftsmen and companies, which fills us with satisfaction.
We are constantly investigating innovative techniques, putting technology at the service of the tradition to achieve current and modern products, but they manage to preserve the artisan beauty.

YIV is marked the essence of things handmade and with feeling.